It's a crime

Enough Is Enough  Stop Child Labour 

 . Child Labor deprives a child from a healthy childhood. Child Labor steals away dreams, ambitions, potential and dignity of a child. Child Labor denies a child from his or her basic rights. Every country has to ensure that the citizens of the country have the fundamental rights. Every child has a right to education. Education empowers a child and prepares a child to face the future.
Child Labor is a roadblock to a healthy childhood. As responsible citizens we should not give money when a child comes begging to us. Giving money to a begging child is equivalent to crippling him. The child learns to survive by begging money. Moreover the money that he gets by begging may not be for himself. There may be adults involved who are abusing the child by forcing him to beg money.
Also as responsible citizens we should not let children work as domestic help. It is a common phenomenon in Indian households to have small children work as domestic help in exchange for money, food & shelter. We should put a stop to this. We need to be aware that these children are the future of the country. By not educating them, we are curbing the progress of India. When these children grow up they would be mostly jobless since they would not be educated. Jobless situation would build frustration. Ultimately they would be forced to indulge in criminal activities. Therefore, we should think of the future and put a firm stop to child labor.
In India, the economy is not uniform. There is too much in the hands of few and too little in the hands of many. Government should ensure that the financial condition in the country improves and money flows from the hands of few to the hands of many. With the improvement of the financial situation, child labor can be reduced in the country.

Reality we see around us everyday and do nothing...

Too heavy a burden for these small hands